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What Our Customers Say

“I dropped a tree thru my power service sending sparks and flames. Wife called on a Sunday, Mother’s day no less. These guys rolled out immediately in a nice van, full of everything we needed and more. Dressed well, professional disposition and worked like a team and had my meter box and mast back on my home, repaired, cleaned, and tested and were so quick the PUD (who killed power at pole) were still here to turn it back on. Literally in and out and they set it up BETTER than it had been originally. Really impressed and these are now my 1st call from now on. Very pleased!”

Daniel B. – Seattle WA.

“These guys came highly recommended by numerous people. And now I know why. They are capable of doing it all. In a sense they are a one-stop shop. Speedy work, quality work, great people. I wish it was possible to give these guys more than a five-star review because they deserve it. Will be using them for the rest of my future electrical issues.”

Brian W. – Seattle WA.

“We were asked to have our panel assessed by prospective buyers. Austin and Jeff came out and were able to quickly assess the panel, give us a professional write-up citing electrical codes and requirements, and got everything done in a very timely manner. Great customer service, great people. We would recommend them to anyone in the area. Thanks again!”

Michael P. – Seattle WA.

“This is one of those times when words are not BIG enough to say thank you! I live in an old mobile home with aluminum wiring – 4 assorted kitchen outlets– including my refrigerator outlet, were without power – I truly needed a Solution ! The father -son team showed up on a Saturday afternoon – most professional, courteous, KNOWLEDGEABLE, and caring. IT took a bit of ‘off the wall, years of experience’ to find and repair the melted wired connection, but once identified, they had it done in 5 minutes – double checked that all was in working order – and their price scale was a true blessing. IF need an Electrical SOLUTION – PLEASE, PLEASE START HERE. THEY LIVE UP TO THEIR NAME! S.”

Sharon D. – Longview WA.

These guys are great! Like many of you I have trouble getting contractors to respond. Corr Solutions was there when I needed them. They did the electrical work on our new pressure distribution system and made the effort to make it look nice running thru a very old garage. When we had a problem with the electricity at the barn a few weeks later, they responded immediately, and were there to take care of it right when they said they would be. They are pleasant and professional. I would highly recommend them.

Lisa D. – Seattle WA.

“Corr Solutions has been amazing. They constructed 2 mobile data centers for our bitcoin mining operations and in 2 years, we’ve had zero down time. Great team!”

Billy G. – Seattle WA.

“The level of knowledge and skill is impressive! Meets deadline, timing was very important and they exceeded expectations. I would highly recommend Corr Solutions Electrical.”

Bryian P. – Longview WA.

“Corr Solutions not only has inexpensive rates, but also provide high-quality service. I contacted Austin when I was having my septic system service and we were having difficulty with the alarms. Although he was not familiar with the system, he took the time to troubleshoot and research the issue and quickly fixed the issue. He not only explained everything to me, but he printed off and nicely prepared the manual for the septic system that we did not have. Austin was extremely courteous, and reliable. I highly recommend Corr Solutions and he will be my go to person for all my electrical needs.”

Ryan M. – Seattle WA.